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Lead Generation System

In order to get high quality leads that turn into paying customers for your business basically you need traffic sourcing, lead capture and lead nurturing that in combination creates Lead Generation System, every business should have new leads and customers constantly coming in to have a great healthy profitable business. (Strats from 7500 SAR)



Social platforms, Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.. these are all traffic sources, but once you have established a traffic source you need a place where you can drive traffic to, and the best place to do so is using a Sales Funnel, basically, it is a landing page built solely to convert visitors into paying customers and it works best when selling expensive products or services. 

1500 SAR for 2 funnel steps (each 1 step added is extra 500 SAR)

And 200 SAR  on monthly retainer for maintenance 



Figuring out what is the problem in the business is the most painful part of having a business, you know that you have a problem you just can’t seem to find where the problem is. For our consultation, we save you time and money to find out what problems you have (you may know about or may not that we can solve it for you or simply suggest how to solve it, And it covers these topics: Sales, Marketing, Customer Retention, Operations, and Business Systems. (3700 SAR)



High converting customized sales scripts from cold calling, follow ups scripts, post delivery scripts. (500 SAR for each script) 


What makes social media so famous is that it was built on human nature, in this case, its the “share” factor on social media, Humans just can’t resist sharing something fun, sad, funny, relevant to their daily lives or something that is remarkable things to people you know to create some form of the epidemic around your industry. That is exactly how we use social media, as a tool to get your compelling message out there for your target audience to get them to know you, like you, and trust you. (3750 SAR)

Sales Funnels

On Demand Consultation

Social Media Management

Sales Scripts

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